Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges SYLLABUS(General Recruitment)

Lecturers in Government Polytechnic Colleges
(General Recruitment)

01. Network analysis, Topology, Tree Tieset out set, first and Second order Circuits.
Steady State and Transient response, Sinusoidal steady State Analysis.
Series and parallel Resonance, Network Theorems, Laplace Transforms, Fourier series, Fourier
Transforms – Applications, Two port.
Network Parameters, Interconnection of two ports, Image Impedance, Image Parameters.
Filters – constant K and M derived sections. Electronics Devices – Diodes, Transistors, FET
biasing, and characteristics, Frequency, Response, Amplifier circuits.
Electro Magnetic Theory – Maxell’s Equations. Coulomb’s law, Amper’s law , Faraday’s law,
Poynting Energy Theorem, Stoke’s theorem, uniform plane waves.
Transmission Line Theory – Standing waves & Travelling waves, Reflection, VSWR.
02. Feedback Amplifiers and oscillator Circuits Wave Shaping circuits, Logic Gates, Boolean
Theorems, Adders & Subtractors. Antennas & Propagation – Radiation Principle, Antenna
Directional Antennas, Linear Antenna Arrays, Broadside & End fire Arrays, Gain, Directivity,
Radiation pattern.
Ground Wave, Sky Wave, Ionosphere Propagation, Guided Waves, Rectangular Wave-Guide
Analysis, Microwave Circuits and Components.
Microwave Tubes, Klystron, Magnetron, and TWT.
Modulation Techniques – AM, FM, PM. Channel capacity, Noise, AM, FM, Transmitters, Radio
TV and Satellite Communication – Principles Radar Equation and Applications of Radar
Computer Programming, FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL, Are Programming languages.

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